UNDERGRADUATE MAJOR                                                                  
Students who major in Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology choose to follow one of four available course tracks depending on individual interest.  Each track includes a comprehensive core of courses in genetics, biology and chemistry along with more specialized offerings.  You can review program requirements in the University Catalog.

Biomedical Genetics includes courses in human or comparative animal physiology, genetics of human diseases and developmental biology.

Bio-business includes a smaller core of science offerings to accommodate courses taught at the Marriott School of Management leading to a business minor.

Plant Genetics & Biotechnology includes courses in plant biology, physiology and diversity.

Microbial Genetics & Biotechnology includes courses in microbiology, microbial genetics and bacterial physiology.


The Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology program at Brigham Young University is focused on providing the highest quality mentoring experiences for our undergraduate and graduate students while developing solutions to real world problems using cutting edge technologies. We have developed a hands-on laboratory environment where students are trained using state-of-the-art technology by expert researchers and then challenged with pertinent research projects in genetics. Our goal is to provide a meaningful research experience to every student who wants the opportunity, to empower students to be innovators, to think critically and to participate in the scientific method.  Please contact any of the professors  using the information shown to the right to learn about research opportunities in their labs.

Research is conducted in the Genetics Great Lab, a shared laboratory involving all of the genetics, genomics and biotechnology faculty and their students.  The lab provides an interactive environment where students can work together to solve research problems.  The laboratory includes space and equipment for genetic experiments, a computer lab for data analysis and a break room where students can hang out, eat lunch or study.

GENETICS AND BIOTECHNOLOGY CLUB                                                 

The club provides a social environment for students of similar interests to get together for fun and to learn about career opportunities and internships.  The club maintains a Facebook page where information about activities are posted as well as information about employment and internship openings.

PROGRAM FACULTY                                                       
The Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology faculty are committed to excellence in teaching and research to create a supportive environment for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in learning about genetics and pursuing careers related to genomics and biotechnology.  Please feel free to stop by, call or email any of us with your questions about genetics, our research or the program of study we offer.

Dr. John Chaston
Chaston Lab
5132 LSB
(801) 422-4553
Research Interest:  Genetic basis for microbial influence of animal traits
Courses:  Genetics LaoboratoryTechniques (PWS 288), Analysis of Genetic and Genomic Data (PWS 470), Metagenomics (PWS 588)

Dr. Craig Coleman
Coleman Lab
5134 LSB
(801) 422-5145
Research Interest:  Plant and fungal genetics and genomics.
Courses:  Genetics (PWS 340), Readings in Biotechnology (PWS 488), Plant Cell Biology (PWS 586)

Dr. Paul Frandsen
5108 LSB
(801) 422-2283
Research Interest:  Evolutionary genomics and phylogenetics of insects, specializing in caddisflies
Courses:  Personal Genomics (PWS 168)

Dr. David Jarvis
5133 LSB
(801) 422-3093
Research Interest:  Abiotic stress tolerance and comparative genomics in quinoa and related species.
Courses Genetics Laboratory Techniques (PWS 288), Genomics (PWS 468)

Dr. Rick Jellen
Orphaned Crops Lab
5009 LSB
(801) 422-7279
Research Interest:  Oat chromosomal genetics and genomics; genetics of quinoa and its wild relatives
Courses:  Personal Genomics (PWS 168), Cytogenetics (PWS 673R)

Dr. Jeff Maughan
Orphaned Crops Lab
5144 LSB
(801) 422-8698
Research Interest:  Development of genomic tools for accelerated breeding of orphaned crops
Courses:  Genetics (PWS 340), Analsyis of Complex Genomes (PWS 670)

Dr. Mikel Stevens
Stevens Lab
5131 LSB
(801) 422-4032
Research Interest:  Genetics of penstemon
Courses:  Plants in the Environment (PWS 100), Introduction to Genetics and Biotechnology (PWS 188)

Dr. Loreen Flinders
5130 LSB
(801) 422-5603
Research Interest:  Ecological and conservation genetics of rare plant populations
Courses:  Genetics and Reproduction (PWS 275), Cultural History of Medicinal Plants (PWS 101), Rangeland Ecology (PWS 350)