John's Profile Picture

John Chaston


5132 LSB

(801) 422-4553

Research Interest: Genetic basis for microbial influence of animal traits

Courses: Molecular Genetics Laboratory (PWS 288), Analysis of Genetic and Genomic Data (PWS 470), Metagenomics (PWS 588)

Paul's Profile Picture

Paul Frandsen


5108 LSB

(801) 422-2283

Research Interest: Evolutionary genomics and phylogenetics of insects, specializing in caddisflies

Courses: Personal Genomics (PWS 168), Conservation Genomics (PWS 472)

David's Profile Picture

David Jarvis


5133 LSB

(801) 422-3093

Research Interest: Abiotic stress tolerance and comparative genomics in quinoa and related species.

Courses: Molecular Genetics Laboratory (PWS 288), Genomics (PWS 468), Analysis of Complex Genomes (PWS 670)

Rick's Profile Picture

Rick Jellen


5009 LSB

(801) 422-7279

Research Interest: Oat chromosomal genetics and genomics; genetics of quinoa and its wild relatives

Courses: Personal Genomics (PWS 168), International Agricultural Development (PWS 420), Cytogenetics (PWS 673R)